My client Stedîcam came to me in search of

a total brand makeover that could take his visual presence to the next level. He desired a more distinctive logo that could stand out amongst the rest in a competitive industry.


Old VS New

The logo for San Diego based electronic music artist, Stedîcam, was inspired by Ancient Roman themes. The 'I' in Stedîcam, stylized as 'î', was made out to represent a spear while the icon was designed to represent a shield with the letter S inside of it.

My client had by inspired by Ancient Roman themes, and wanted to implement them into his rebrand. The letter 'i' in Stedîcam, stylized as 'î', was designed to represent a spear, while the pictoral mark logo was designed to represent a shield with the letter S inside. Together these pieces come together to represent and compliment my client and his brand, all creatively crafted into a logo.


While bringing a more recognizable look to the Stedîcam brand, the wordmark half of the logo was designed to work with or without its shield logo counterpart.

While also having the challenge of incorporating the desired themes in to the new logo, I was also tasked with creating a design that would translate well to a live setting stage environment, as well as merchandise.