Yøungbløød Rebrand Campaign 

Los Angeles based Artist, Yøungbløød, needed a complete logo redesign that was simple yet unique to represent his brand. However, he also needed a separate Icon logo that could be easily recognized across various forms of media.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 9.59.41 AM.png

Old VS New


My client wanted to maintain the sharp sleek look of the original logo, but transform

it into one that was able

to get his 'vibe' across

in a 'less busy', but

more 'stylized way'.

The stylized 'Y' at the beginning of 'Yøungbløød', was crafted in a way that it

could not only add symmetry and balance out the logotype's look and feel, but also be used as a stand alone pictoral mark.

yb fade.png
yb fade.png

The logo was redesigned with the big stages in mind. As a Producer/DJ, music is only half the battle with engaging your audience, the other half would be a clear visual aesthetic to go along with your brand. The logo was designed to work perfectly with live visuals, to let every know who 'Yøungbløød' is.

YB Earthquake-2.jpg